wooden cot with bed price Wooden cot with bed price

Curtiz bed can you close the front storage area? Indeed yes we can close the front storage of curtiz bed and can also share a 3D representation of the same. Does the storage drawers have a stopper? We do not provide stoppers in our drawer however at special request the same can be provided at an additional cost. Parke double bed a gap is seen in headboard and mattress, can you change it since it looks uncomfortable.

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  • We can modify the design as per your request, and if the design experts approve of the same confirming its functioning, however, talking about the current design there is approximate gap of 4"" between the bed headboard and the mattress. What are mattress dimensions? What type of wooden box double bed? The wooden box in the double bed is in drawer style and hydraulic mechanism. It not only brings opulence to your living style but also ensures the additional comfort.

    It provides enough space for the person to snuggle up while being able to fit comfortably into any type of bedroom. You can buy wooden double beds online from us and introduce a flabbergasting look to the interior of your beautiful home. We have showcased a spectrum to suit the style, color, and theme of your home. Needless to say, our collection is the symbol of a comfortable lifestyle; therefore, making it an intrinsic part of every home.

    Our collection of designer and stylish double beds at reasonable price and in beautiful finishes like honey, mahogany, teak, walnut etc. These bedsteads are designed with care to offer a fresh look to your bedroom interior.

    You will be offered an additional durability characteristic that is accompanied by Sheesham and Mango wood. If you are looking forward to buy double bed online that complements the interior of the room and offers a comfortable place to you, then, you are certain to find something for all your needs here. Our modern double bed with headboard and comfy back support provide you all possible coziness which you expect in your rest zone.

    The captivating looks and elegant appeal of this furniture are the most surprising characteristics that you can look for a bed in your room. The beautiful collection of mango and sheesham wood double beds with box design available for sale at reasonable price have an essence of vintage touch which is everlasting because of beautiful designs, shapes, and durability. The storage double beds with sliding boxes tend to be an ideal option for rooms that are space constrained.

    You can store your essential belongings with ease in the storage boxes and keep your room clutter free. If you are looking to give a minimal look to your bedroom then the storage-less option would be suitable for you.

    Either way, you will end up buying double bed online that will be worthy of your bedroom. Browse and Shop Double Beds Online that Fits your Budget Our range of solid wood double bed in beautiful finishes gives you liberty to choose the best product that not only fits your home, but is also easy on your pocket.

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  • In addition to the comfort and quality, you can get the benefits in terms of cost and ease of delivery. The economic range of all our products online is the reason you will love shopping them from us.

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    At Wooden Street, we understand and believe that double bed furniture for bedroom is not only composed to provide you the necessary comfort, or a luxurious look to your room but also to make you feel contempt with the affordable cost. We do not restrict ourselves to the mass made designs, and we love it when you explore the world and get your bed customized. To provide you the thing that you desire and deserve, we offer you an option for furniture customization. Just let us know the design you love, and we will hand over the work to our expert furniture designers who make sure you get the best double bed online, exactly the way you like.

    Go ahead and browse our wide range of bedroom furniture products for your home including wardrobe , bedside table , sofa cum bed , breakfast tables , wall shelves , chest of drawers , dressing tables , bunk beds , kids beds , carpets etc.

    There is enough space for us to sleep like a baby, and even the height is exact. Completely satisfied with this amazing product quality.

    wooden cot with bed price Wooden cot with bed price

    Fantastic Design, durable material. Love it from the core of my heart! Thank You, Team Wooden Street! It is so lavish and extravagant that I can't get my eyes away from it. Its tufted cream coloured headboard with the honey finish on the bed has enhanced the generous appeal of my bedroom. It is extremely comfortable and sturdy, and I found it worth the purchase.

    Thank You, Wooden Street!! For someone who likes to be close to the ground, yet at a comfortable height, this low floor bed works wonders. The clean-cut angles provide a modern look, while the mahogany finish brings a regal luster. All the furniture pieces on Wooden Street are fantastic, but I particularly loved this one. Thank You, Wooden Street! Being made from Sheesham, this definitely puts it in the list of durable and reliable furniture units.

    The aesthetics have an appeal that I've not seen in other wooden beds. The slot-like rows on the headboard and the foot are admirable.

    Side storage drawers, which slide out easily, come in very handy as storage. A beautiful and classy bed, second to none! I like the crafting and beautiful finish of Bolivia bed. The bed is made of solid wood which ensures great strength and longevity. The headboard is equipped with a cushioned back which gives comfortable sitting.

    Moreover, the best part is the multiple storage, i. The storage consists of two shelves and two drawers with an extendable wooden tray to maximize the space to keep the stuff. Ample storage options to keep all the pillows and blankets.

    This wooden double bed is very sturdy and is an instant attention seeker in my bedroom. The Quality is up to the mark. My 5 out of 5 stars for this fantastic bed! This not only proves to be an effective space solution, but also looks gorgeous.

    Suffice to say, I am satisfied with my purchase.

    As another example, in some cultures, the "full mattress" is referred to as a "master size bed. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    Wooden Street did not let me down.



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