wedgehog cot bed Wedgehog cot bed
wedgehog cot bed Wedgehog cot bed

Shares 20 If I was ever asked 10 months ago what I thought about co-sleeping with my baby? I would have looked surprised and my initial response would have been this — what is co-sleeping? I had spent months shopping, preparing and setting up the nursery from selecting colour, nursery furniture, decor and so on. I was aware of the concept of co-sleeping.

I am sure my mum did similar as I recall my younger sister at 4yrs kept sneaking into my parents bed every morning to nap. Based on her review baby did not like the SnuzPod. I read reviews on the snuzpod was fortunate to see chicco next to me displayed in a local mama and papas store.

It just reminded me of a baby travel cot this would have been handy for our city breaks with Baby T. I wanted something different. I fell in love with the snuzpod design despite only having viewed it online. The snuzpod also had different colour options to match different bedroom furniture or decors which in my opinion was fab.

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  • I could either have it set up as a standalone crib which I did for the first weeks. We would often lay him down during the day in the carrycot and at night in the snuzpod.

    We observed that Baby T slept better in the snuzpod compared to his carrycot. It became more apparent that Baby T liked having more room so when I attached the snuzpod to my side of the bed, his sleep improved.

    So, I breastfeed on my nursing chair at night, which meant I got up for all night time feeds. This was during a growth spurt, I was struggling to function with very little sleep and not coping with marathon feeding…. Then, I did some reading and reviewed studies looking at breastfeeding and ear infections and found supporting evidence to suggest that breastfeeding was actually a protective factor. The risk was more for bottle fed babies The snuzpod has helped with providing the most needed space for placing baby after feeds at night and it so easy to pick him up to breastfeed.

    Even when I fall asleep while feeding there is ample space for baby T. He sometimes rolls back into his spot I sometimes wake up to find him there so that seemed like the most logical explanation A friend of mine also recommended feeding with baby lying in the bedside crib without moving the baby, another way the snuzpod can be used for night time feeding I also love the proximity to my bed as can easily just look to check on baby and ensure he is adequately dressed and covered based on the weather and room temperature.

    Due to the weight I resorted to other sleeping options i. This was for me one of the factors that supported my decision to go for the snuzpod. The Chicco Next to me and Snuzpod had comparable length but the Snuzpod was narrower. The snuzpod dimension was ideal for our needs. As he got older, I thought he would outgrow the snuzpod before he was 6 months and will need another interim sleeping arrangement before we were ready to transfer him to his cot bed in his nursery.

    This is my 6 month review. The extra shelf underneath has been handy for nappies, wipes etc. This is despite using 12hrs dry nappy and I often use the next size up. You can use until baby is 6 months or once baby can sit up. We have now reached the 6 months mark and I am not ready for the transition to his nursery so will get a few more weeks before I find an alternative arrangement.

    Baby T can sit up but not unless he is placed in this position. I have seen him try to pull himself up. What I dislike about the snuzpod 1. It would have been handy if the fabric part of the snuzpod could be easily detached to wash. Once setup you can only wipe clean. I found it tricky to thoroughly clean and remove all dust and stain around the rim.

    I spent a considerable amount of time looking for online deals on the snuzpod. Despite the cost, I found it has value for money. Last longer than moses basket and you can have baby with you for either the recommended 6 months in your bedroom and in some cases much longer than this.

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    I got a deal on my snuzpod using Flubit. Unlike the Chicco Next to Me, the snuzpod has no recline or tilt mode.

    It became more apparent that Baby T liked having more room so when I attached the snuzpod to my side of the bed, his sleep improved. Comes in heat-sealed hygiene controlled bag.

    Baby T had reflux and it would have been handy to have to minimize sleep disruptions and choking episodes. We used this pram wedge but I not so long again learnt about the wedgehog not yet tried this Finally… The snuzpod was so easy to set up and definitely value for money, if within your budget just skip getting a moses basket and get this instead.

    Despite having a narrower width when compared to Chicco Next to Me, my 9 plus kg baby is still in it. I wish we could use for longer. The benefits to co-sleeping is truly worth it but best to do this safely.

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  • Here is a new study to support co-sleeping for longer if it suits your family go for it. I am open to your suggestions on what to use then until we are ready to transition to cotbed in his own room.

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