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  • Leo Westlake managed to scale two stair gates and escape from his room - just 10 minutes after his mum put up the barrier. His family have also been forced to nail their windows shut to stop the cheeky month-old from climbing out.

    Alice Gray says her "little monkey" has been a "handful" since he was born - but most recently his love of climbing has proved the most challeging. Alice said he tries to climb out of any cot, high chair or car seat they out him in.

    Falmouth mum Alice Gray was stunned as Houdini toddler Leo climbs two stairgates to escape from his room Houdini toddler Leo attempting to climb a stair gate The year-old, who lives with her partner Jordan Westlake in Falmouth, says Leo came as a total shock to her after her first little girl, who was a really chilled out baby.

    Read More "He's been quite full on and a bit of a handful. We don't have a minute's peace until he goes to bed. But within minutes, he had scaled the double-height gate and got straight out again. The little boy shows of his climbing skills In minutes Leo has scaled the gate "But he wasn't, he just did it.

    He's never fallen off anything. All he does is climb. Even at four months old he could lift stuff. I've given birth to a super baby. He just doesn't like going to bed. He's a little escapist. We're going to have a little Houdini on our hands. She reckons he takes after his dad Jordan, but says he also copies his older sister Olivia, who's nearly 7 and is also full of energy and has lots to say.

    He just doesn't like going to bed. A sure sign that a child needs to be transferred to a bed is when they persist in attempting to climb out of the cot or are successful in escaping! You could even consider taking the cot down with your child's help, and storing it away ready for the new arrival, so she's less likely to feel she's been ousted by the new baby.

    Alice said Leo takes after his dad Jordan, but says he also copies his older sister Olivia, who's nearly 7 Alice said she's constantly on edge whenever she's driving anywhere with him in the car seat as he tries to take off his straps "We had to have the side off the cot because he was just climbing straight out.

    We had the side on for about six months last August and then it went downhill from there.

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  • He's always climbing up on the windowsills. He will carry on climbing over the stair gate.

    girls cot bed Girls cot bed

    Read More "There's still a stair gate on the kitchen but we have to tie the door to the stair gate so he can't get in at night. Falmouth mum Alice Gray stunned as Houdini toddler Leo climbs two stairgates to escape from his room Leo scaling a stair gate Image: COPYRIGHT holder or controlled list of names "We have to nail the window shut in the front room because he keeps climbing up on the window sills and opening the window.

    He can already unlock the front door and get out of it. He's the funniest baby I've ever met. He can say anything. I think it's really cool as well.

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  • He rolled over when he was eight weeks old or two months. He's not been a baby long.

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