cot bed screws b&q Cot bed screws b&q
Or, if the woodwork is waxy or filthy, Krudkutter Original with scourers achieves a quick and clean end result. You can often locate huge value distinctions involving merchants on exactly the same pieces.

Doing it myself The first pram we bought was a Quinny, a Buzz 3 model. Olive has long-since been upgraded to a stroller-style pushchair, and it has recently been on loan to Deb, Neil and Lucas. Whilst in their custody the mechanism to raise the height of the handle failed. We've now had the Quinny back but plan to loan it out again soon, this time to one of Neeley's expecting friends. So, we've looked into getting the handle repaired. But, as Daddy Pig would say, I'm a bit of an expert at fixing things.

So I thought i'd give it a go.

cot bed screws b&q Cot bed screws b&q

After removing the plastic cladding on the handle I immediately found the cause of the trouble: I also established that I would definitely need to detach the whole handle to gain access to its inner workings, but even this apparently simple procedure proved confounding.

It was only when I searched online for help that I stumbled across the following vital assistance: Handle now removed, I found that the end of the cable featured a bespoke end-piece to secure it in its fixing. So I fired of an email to Quinny, in the hope that they might be willing to sell me a cable in return for money.

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  • I received the following miserly reply: I'm afraid the cables inside the handle on the Quinny Buzz are not available therefore the complete handle will need to be replaced. In order to make arrangements for this, please contact our customer care team on between 8.

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    This needs to be clearly marked on the outside of the box that the unit is being returned in so that when it arrives the engineers can match up your unit with the computer record created and get it inspected, repaired, and dispatched back to your address as promptly as possible.

    You're a business, and your model includes making profits from out-of-warranty repairs to your products.

    See Annie Sloan chalk paint below if you cannot stand the prospect of too much preparation of waxy pine. Box of 'Prized' woodturner's tools.

    I sourced a new cable of appropriate thickness and a pack of 'Crimp Connector Butts' me neither that I figured I could use to join two cables together; remember, I would need to use the good end of the existing cable.

    I took one of the Crimp Connector Butts and threaded the two cables, which I then cut, allowing sufficient spare length at both ends to make adjustments in case of measuring error.

    When I was happy with the positioning of the cables I squeezed the Connectors with the wire cutters on my pliers. This created a permanent connection between the two cables.

    cot bed screws b&q Cot bed screws b&q

    It was only when I put the handle back together that I found my 'new' single cable to be exactly 3mm too short. This tiny error meant that the catch was permanently depressed, and therefore the handle could only be used properly in its lowest position. I decided that I would need to buy a second new cable and start again the next day. Fast forward 24 hours, and taking a little more care with my measuring, and I was rewarded with a perfect fit.

    After testing, I popped the handle back onto the frame of the pram, and adopted the slightly smug glow of a man who has eaten a little too much Ready Brek.

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  • If she reads this she might learn that business is a two-way street, where post-purchase customer care and, dare I say, gestures of goodwill, are important. For want of sending me a part that costs no more than a couple of pounds a price I was happy to pay , she has most likely lost any future custom we may have considered putting in the direction of Quinny.



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