cot bed replacement screws Cot bed replacement screws

Could you please tell me the size of the gap height wise under the cot. Grandma Hello, The height under the cot is 23,8cm. Pamela What are the dimensions of box this cotbed comes in? Stell Hi Stell, Box dimensions are: Pamela What is the difference between products? Pamela What are the three different heights that it can be adjusted to?

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Lou80 Hi Lou, The lowest is mm from the top of the guardrail, then mm and the highest is mm. This is the height without the mattress.

cot bed replacement screws Cot bed replacement screws

Muppetsophy Hi Muppetsophy, Not really, you could have a mattress of x68 cm as minimum size and still be safe. Pamela Can i buy replacement bolts and screw's, for cot bed, directly from you? I've moved house, and have misplaced all of the, bolts and screws I need to put my child's cot, back together again. Black Queen You must contact Argos Call center to request spare parts. Pamela What is the maximum weight of a baby allowed in this cot?

I still want the changing table so maybe she will just take the crib back. Although you're the highest bidder on this item, you're close to being outbid.

Rajesh The cot is tested with 30Kg. Pamela Upto what age is this suitable for? Anne This item is suitable for babies up to a weight of 15KG.

Rich Hi Anne, Also, the cotbed can be assembled as toddler bed, and then, it will be suitable for children up to 4 years. Pamela What is the age limit?

Anna Hi Anna, Once the cotbed is turned into toddler bed, it is recommended for children from 18 months to 4 years. Cot made higher From: Paul Hi, I can advise It has 3 position adjustable mattress base - allows you to lower the height of the mattress as your baby learns to sit and stand.

Pips Hi pips, if you keep either footboard or headboard, you will need to have the guard rails and they will not be steady with only the headboard on. Therefore, if you turn the cotbed into bed, I would suggest you to remove everything from the cot, or it will be very unsafe. Pamela Hi Pips, The dimensions are as follows: It is possible to remove one side and leave the other on although it was not intended for this use.

Joshua argos Does this come with a mattress? Rob argos Does the cot have different adjustable heights? L Cooke Hello, Yes, it has 3 height positions.

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  • Pamela Can you please tell me the height and width of the space under the cot? I have a universal draw i am hoping will fit under the cot. Thanks x Can you please tell me the height and width of the space under the cot? I have a universal draw I am hoping will fit under the cot. Charlie Argos Does babystart cot bed come with mattress?

    cot bed replacement screws Cot bed replacement screws

    Marlo Hi marlo, This cot bed does not include a mattress. A Lcm x W70cm is needed and several can be found on the Argos website. Paul argos Is the finish on the cot bed shown, a smooth finish or a wood grain effect? The picture of the cotbed looks like a smooth finish and the picture of the cotbed converted to a bed looks like a grain finish which is the correct finish before we order please can you advise? The Jacksons Hi there, This cot bed has a smooth finish.

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  • Phil Argos How many centimetres is the width and length of this cotbed? Anjum Hello Anjum, It has cm lenght x Pamela Can you leave one side off so it can be a co-sleeper?

    Leeanne Hello, It is possible to build leaving one side off, however, please note that you do not receive any fittings to attach the cotbed to your bed. So the baby could fall to the floor throught the gap between the cot and the bed. Pamela What type of wood is used for this cot bed?

    We're about to hand it on to some friends who have just had a new baby but on checking it I found I was missing four small screws to hold the side panels together. I like to see the best in people where I can, and maybe they are listening. The replacement that I received appeared to be immaculate.

    Charlie Argos Does this have drop sides? Mel Argos Does the headboard split in 2 to convert it to a bed? Luke Hi Luke, Thank you for your question. I can confirm that the headboard does not split, the side bars come off to convert it into a bed.



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