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A long-lasting cot that'll take your baby from birth to 4 years, Pros Stylish, fun designs, compact, comfortable, can be used from yrs. Newborn to 18kg - around 4 years, or 10 years with the extension kit Features: For the first 4 months, it seemed as though they slept all of the time, whilst simultaneously not sleeping at all.

For me, sleep has never been so precious. With so many options out there, it can be a little daunting to decide on the right type of bed. Having twins made our decision pretty easy. The less things we had to buy the better, so we decided to put them straight into a cot bed to share. The twins are now 9 months old, and I was thrilled to be asked to review the Snuzkot.

What is a Snuzkot? From the founders of the multi award winning Snuzpod , the Snuzkot is the latest addition to their collection. Snuz pride themselves on designing innovative and stylish sleeping solutions for the little people in our lives. Their range includes beds, bedding and accessories. The Snuzkot is a super modern and stylish cotbed that is suitable from birth. With an additional extension kit it can be used up to 10 years of age.

There are 4 main designs Skandi, Mode, Luxe and Rococo , and with various eye catching colour options, there are a total of 15 different styles to choose from. I was really excited to review the Snuzkot, because I had never seen such a beautiful looking bed for a child! I chose the Luxe espresso Snuzkot because I loved the contrasting white and dark wood. Having viewed the photos online, I was really blown away by how stylish it looked.

I loved the way that it has curves rather than just your bog standard rectangular box.

Thank you" Unhappy with this response and lack of commitment I posted the following: We are happy to stock spares for any self assembly product or component based product for which it is economically viable to ship a spare. I can make the same enquiry of your contact centre on a monthly basis and post the results here if that helps.

The different colours also make it more fun. The snuzkot has many colour options. Had I been feeling more daring, then I would have loved to have picked the orange. What age range is the Snuzkot suitable for? The Snuzkot is suitable from birth, until approximately 4 years of age. Most standard cotbeds also claim to be suitable until 4 years of age, however the Snuzkot has a mattress length of cm.

A separate Junior bed extension kit and mattress extension piece can be purchased in order to convert the bed to be used for year olds. This will convert the bed to a length of cm. I did a little research and found that the average height of a 4-year-old is Is the Snuzkot durable and robust?

During assembly, the Snuzkot that we initially received was found to be defective. One of the pre-assembled side panels was loose, resulting in some of the joints not being flush.

I contacted Snuz and their customer services were excellent. They told me that they had been having some problems with their courier and believe that the Snuzkot I had initially received had been damaged during transit. They have since stopped using that particular courier and have switched to a furniture delivery service.

The replacement that I received appeared to be immaculate. The following morning however, the same problem occurred with the vertical wooden bars. My little girl likes to kick the bars and one had come loose. Again, I contacted Snuz and they immediately sent a replacement part. They told me that both beds I had received were from a batch that had been air shipped from the factory instead of their usual sea shipment. This meant that the boxes would have been handled more rigorously than normal.

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  • The replacement part I received is holding up. It appeared to me that the glue had come loose on the older parts. My little Ones are pretty strong, and I'm sure they will be applying a lot of pressure to the bars; more than the odd knock or bang that may have occurred during transit.

    cot bed parts Cot bed parts

    Despite the bars coming loose, I don't think they would ever fall out of the frame. Just an annoyance, and something that you wouldn't expect from a cotbed in this price range. The rest of the bed is solid and sturdy. Cot or cotbed - which should you choose? Would you use the Snuzkot from newborn? You are going to eventually need a bed for your little one, so it makes sense to start right away.

    Had there have been a decent bedside crib for twins on the market, then I may have considered going down that route, purely because I was breastfeeding. I was so sleep deprived at the time, that this may have been disastrous.

    Modern history In the 17th century, which has been called "the century of magnificent beds", the style a la duchesse, with tester and curtains only at the head, replaced the more enclosed beds in France, though they lasted much longer in England. Click Spares provide a service is designed so that when this situation does arrive, the replacement part is usually delivered to the customer within 2 working days.

    Whilst a newborn may look a little lost in a cotbed at first, it really makes no difference to them. This was actually quite beneficial as they were such frequent vomiters. They seemed to grow at an exponential rate, and at 5 months old, they were too big to share. We were very sad to have to separate them into 2 cotbeds. Like the cotbed that we had from birth, the Snuzkot has a newborn height option, so we would have happily put them in it.

    The downside to the Snuzkot over the one we used before it arrived, was that it was shorter. So we would had to have separated them quicker. I squeezed every last inch out of the bed so that they could share as long as they did. Is the Snuzkot height adjustable? Yes, there are 3 height options. If like me, you have had a caesarean, then this height setting is an absolute must. The middle setting can be used once they grow and start rolling, and finally the bottom, and also the safest setting should be used once the child is able to sit up.

    My two are also now pulling themselves up, and the bars of a cot seem to be the perfect tools to help them in their quest to stand.

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  • For this reason, we have the mattress on the lowest setting. How easy is it to assemble?

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  • My husband took charge of the assembly. There were 2 reasons for this; firstly, he loves doing it he once begged me at midnight to let him assemble a table that we had just bought from IKEA. Secondly, since he has built all the flat pack furniture that we own, he was a much better judge on this. In his words, the instructions could be better. The cotbed was packed in 2 boxes; the Masterbox and the Stylepack.

    He thought it would make more sense to start with the stylepack and build the base first before opening the masterbox that contains the bulk of the items. There was also a mistake in the instruction manual that had been spotted by the manufacturers, and a separate flyer attached.

    The instructions state that you need 20 minutes, one person and an Allen key to assemble. In reality, it took over an hour and at times a second person would have made it a lot easier. Chris my husband has put a lot of our furniture together and found it pretty challenging, but not impossible. It was much more difficult than our Mamas and Papas cotbed, but easier than the kiddicare one we have.

    Converting the bed to a junior bed however was a different story. No instructions are provided in the box. When I contacted Snuz to ask them to send me the instructions, I was told that there were no Instructions available at present. They said that the method was the same as converting to bed to a toddler bed but with the additional parts from the extension kit. I actually found it quite shocking that the extension kit was allowed to be sold with no instructions available.

    Coming from a scientific background, I am accustomed to even the simplest of procedures requiring written instructions. The fact that this is a bed for a child to sleep in had me a little perplexed.

    Nevertheless, we managed to work it out and put it together. The cotbed is 72cm wide so It really depends on the width of your doors when thinking about where to assemble it.

    Assembled, it wouldn't fit through our doors which are less than 72cm wide so we had to assemble it in the room. Once in toddler bed or Junior bed mode then it could be transported from room to room by twisting it onto its side. Is the Snuzkot Compact? For a cotbed it is very compact, and at 32kg, it is a fairly mid weight bed.

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    At cm long, its length is somewhere in between the length of a standard cot and a standard cotbed. I found it really easy to manoeuvre around the room once assembled. Is it comfortable for your child? I tested it out with both of them to compare. The cotbed looks like a little pod, and the pocket sprung mattress seems very comfortable.

    I was quite envious as it feels more comfortable than our own mattress! There are no teething rails, so if you are a fan of teething rails then this may be an issue. Personally, I think they would take away from the design of the bed, however, I guess so would a half-chewed bar. What is it made from?



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