cot bed height for newborn Cot bed height for newborn

Our founder is a passionate bed-sharer and co-slept with both of her boys when they were infants, using the dock. Just make sure to follow these important instructions: The sides also help prevent parents from rolling on top of the baby.

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  • Additionally, the infant should be placed towards the foot end of the pod with the buckle closed. This will give the baby a comforting sense of reassurance by feeling the closed bumper with his feet. It also prevents the baby from wiggling downwards. As the baby grows, they can be positioned higher up in the pod. Eventually the buckle can be unclipped as the child gets tall enough and their legs begin to outgrow the pod in the closed position. Ideally, each parent will use their own bedspread, instead of sharing a queen or king size, as a parent might unintentionally pull the cover over the pod.

    Remove all stuffed toys and other play things. Remove excessive bedding, including thick mattress padding and pillows. Never place an infant or young child on a waterbed. Only allow to sleep with an unimpaired adult, one who can awaken easily. Only place an infant face up and in the center of the pod. Check to be sure that no window cords or the like can be reached from the bed.

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    Avoid infants to co-sleep with another toddler or child. Do not allow pets in the bed. An adult who is obese should avoid co-sleeping with the baby. However, in order for him to rest safely in the Grand, the Grand must be placed at a height that allows the child to safely descend on their own.

    Make sure that you: Click here for more information about room-sharing. Some cot beds come with lots of pieces to assemble into the side rail or headboard for example, It can be difficult to work with so many pieces, and pre-assembled ends are much easier to handle.

    Meaning, the pod must not be placed on a bed of an unmanageable height from which the child cannot descend on his own. Can I carry baby around in the dock? Always make sure to remove your child from the pod before transporting it to another room. While we're on the subject, please make sure never to leave a baby unattended on any type of elevated surfaces - this includes changing tables and sofas. Yes, under proper supervision, infant twins can be placed in the Deluxe size Sleepyhead together.

    How to choose a cot mattress There are three main criteria you should focus on when choosing a new cot mattress for a baby or infant. Even during the day, it can be useful to darken the room your baby is sleeping in. If you'll be lifting your baby in and out of the car a lot, for example, you may be better off getting a lightweight seat with a base that stays in the car.

    Since twins are typically a lower birth weight than single babies, there's enough room for them to both fit in the Deluxe, which also facilitates sibling bonding and interaction. Once the twins become bigger, it's time to separate them and purchase an additional Deluxe size.

    Please note that the Grand pod is for use from 9 months and up and not for infant twins. This position also allows for play and observation. Prop a board book open in front of your baby, or place a favorite toy within reach. Babies tend to grasp at any interesting objects, in turn encouraging weight-shifting, reaching and fine motor development.

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  • A baby on his tummy must be watched at all times. If your baby falls asleep during tummy time, place him on his back in the pod to continue sleeping The startle reflex may only last a few seconds, but some babies can startle themselves awake during sleep.

    Please keep the plastic pad. Many moms write in to tell us the sheer luxury of having their little one get their rest while they relax under an umbrella with them at the beach or pool. In fact, we do not ever recommend the use of waterproof materials.

    cot bed height for newborn Cot bed height for newborn

    All of our materials are breathable, so when placed on top of a non-breathable barrier, such as a waterproof sheet or mattress, there becomes an increased risk of overheating as well as microbial build-up. Overheating is not to be taken lightly, as it has been linked to SIDS. We have refrained from adding anti-dustmite, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemicals to the filling materials, so it is important to keep the dock dry, clean and well ventilated.

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  • What do I do with the piece of cardboard in the base? The cardboard is placed in the base only to help the pad retain its shape during shipping. You can save this cardboard for later use if you will be transporting or storing the dock to help ensure the pad remains flat.

    cot bed height for newborn Cot bed height for newborn

    All covers are machine washable. Wash with similar colors and place inside a washing bag. We recommend using a detergent without bleach. Dry-cleaning is possible, but not necessary. For environmental reasons, we do not recommend it. The mattress wadding pad must be hand-washed. The bumper tube rarely needs washing; shaking and ventilating are usually enough. If washing the tube, use a washing bag. When wet, the tube should be tumble-dried at low or medium heat.

    If still somewhat damp, lay flat to dry. It is not necessary to wash the dock before first use. The materials have been washed in the production process. If you experience a lot of accidents, we recommend placing a thin muslin sheet under the baby. This will save you from middle of the night cover changes. How do I care for the cover? Like every single part of the dock, the cotton cover has been rigorously tested and proven free from harmful substances.

    As opposed to synthetic fibers, all natural fibers shrink a bit when washed the first time. Thanks to special finishing and pre-washing procedures we have taken, we have reduced the shrinkage to about 2. This shrinkage has been taken into account when cutting and sewing the pieces for the cover.



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