cot bed height extender Cot bed height extender

This crib was easy to get together and I love it how each hole fit neatly into where it supposed to go! Took me about an hour and I love it!! Agata 5 Great crib!! I bought this crib about 3 years ago. I think it is an older version because the toddler railing is different. My son loves it and it with sttod his bite marks during teething!! Now that he is 27 months we converted it to a toddler bed tonight!

This is because many divan bed side rails rely on the weight of a standard traditional divan mattress to hold the assembly securely in place. This is only mm wide. A combination comprising the crib and a plurality of bumpers of claim 7 , wherein a the recess of at least one bumper is received over a top rail of a left side of the crib, b the recess of at least one bumper is received over a top rail of a right side of the crib, and c the recess of at least one bumper is received over a top rail of a front side of the crib.

He was so impressed and went right to bed! It is a very sturdy bed and will buy the same one when we have another child.

cot bed height extender Cot bed height extender

We bought the extensions for the full size bed so this will be his bed for a very long! Areille 5 Love this crib I am glad we went with this crib - it's just gorgeous! Love the structure, the finish, the color, everything is perfect! A few cons which maynot be of concern to many: Bigger than a lot of cribs because of the head and foot design..

cot bed with drawer and changer

If you have a smaller room It doesn't fit through a standard door. So be sure to assemble the crib in the nursery itself. I don't know if this is an obvious one to many! But we decided to assemble this in the hall and then take it to the room - ended up disassembling the whole crib and building it again in the room!

But on the brighter side - the crib is very easy to assemble and the instructions are decent. If you are lookign for a white crib which isn't crazy expensive - this is it!

I had to go outside and help him as it is a two man lift box, though not overly heavy, just large and awkward. The product is well insulated however, and despite some dings on the package, the wood was unharmed. The product pieces were all there, and the instructions were simple to understand.

The wood is beautiful and of good quality, and everything is assembled by pressure via barrel locks instead of your cheap ass cam locks that normally come with assembled furniture. As a result, the several boneheaded mistakes that I made make sure on the sides of the headboard the spring holes are facing inwards It can also be disassembled for moving or to move it downstairs, which I will eventually do, without losing intactness or structure.

Just make sure you don't overtighten anything, it is a study product without doing so and you will decrease your usability or damage the wood. The mattress spring is pretty low even at it's highest position, and has several more rungs down to go before it outlives it's usefulness.

Even then, it can be converted into a toddler bed or a headboard and foot board with some additional parts. It is rather large and safe looking and looks great in our bedroom. It will be bittersweet to move our son from his bassinet to this crib but at least I can do it with confidence.

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  • Kriswgilbert 5 Love this furniture! Mu husband and I bought almost the entire DaVinci Kalani bedroom set for our son almost 2 years ago. It took my husband a couple of hours to put all 4 pieces of furniture together including the crib. He said it was not that bad.

    cot bed height extender Cot bed height extender

    The furniture has held up great and I know we will be able to use it for many years! There are a few scratches but I think any crib would eventually get scratches from teething or toys. They aren't that bad and can definitley live with them! We just received ours and put it together last night. It looks great, it's light weight to easily move around the room, and it was easy to put together.

    I think and guy could put this together in less than 1hr. I would definitely recommend. As far as how well it holds up, that is yet to be seen. The wood feels sturdy, but is light weight and may scratch easily. We bumped two pieces together and it left a ding mark. So far so good. My son is teething and chews on it but its still holding up really well.

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  • The only thing I didn't like, after we assembled it following the instruction booklet, we found a separate sheet with additional instructions inside one of the bags with hardware, that we were supposed to insert another part with every screw. Nothing about this was mentioned in the main instruction booklet, how were we supposed to know there is another additional instruction sheet somewhere else?

    Now we basically have to redo the whole thing because of this. Happy with the product but not with the instructions. Another note, as other reviewers mentioned, it does not fit through doors, so to move between rooms you'd have to take one side out.

    JDN 5 Amazing We have had the crib for 10 months now since our baby was born and it is amazing. We got it in Cherry. Not only does it look amazing and expensive in the room, but it is highly functional. Once in a while it gets a tiny scratch, but nothing close to what people said with their crib and our baby chews and chews at the bars. One thing I love about the crib--there are four levels for the mattress height, 1 more than most cribs.

    This means that you can set the mattress lower than other cribs-- thank goodness for that since I have a climbing baby. I can't say enough good things about this crib. The two look like a set. The changing table is sturdy and amazing. We got the Emily mattress as well. That is the only thing I didn't like.

    Its okay and the baby sleeps well on it, but I think it is sort of flimsy. Just today, 10 months later, I was thinking this is the best purchase I have ever made.

    And for the price, it can't be any better.

    You could keep the Sleepi Mini in your room at night and in the nursery for quiet nap time during the day. If the crib has one side backed up against a wall, only three sides will require bumpers.

    The company seems fine as well. We had problems with the changing table when it arrived. We could only correspond with Davinci thru the computer, but they sent the part that needed to be replaced in a timely manner. Lisa Howat 5 Perfect This crib looks amazing, and was very easily set up. My friends and family have the same crib, my sister just converted it for her toddler and another friend has just moved the mattress down and both said that the conversion was very easy shanna gordon 4 Beautiful!

    So does my baby. Only downfall--it took a long time to put it together. So make sure you get it before the baby is born, or make sure you have a sitter to watch your little one while you put it together. I am a handy person, and it took me AND my husband together about 2 hours to put the darn thing together.



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