cot bed foam wedge Cot bed foam wedge

Life is beautiful again. It folds for easy carrying and arrives in an attractive package for gift giving. Their wedges are exactly Under that is a waterproof cover to protect from spit ups, and drooling and diaper leaks.

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  • And of course, never any harsh chemicals used in these covers. Occobaby has a day return policy and a one-year warranty.

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  • The wedge is 26 inches wide and weighs 1 pound. No more acid reflux for Comfy Bumpy babies.

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    And they claim to have the only crib wedge that is made of premium memory foam and a soft cotton sheet. It is 26 inches wide and weighs 1.

    You may try Comfy Bumpy for 30 days and if you are not happy they will accept a return and issue a refund, no questions asked.

    Babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, and babies who continue to be exposed to smoke after birth are at an increased risk of SIDS. If, however, an item is out of stock we will advise you on our despatch documentation and endeavour to supply the item as soon as possible. It is 26 inches wide and weighs 1.

    In checking the customer reviews, one dear mom was ecstatic about her wedge because at last, her toddler was sleeping free of annoying allergy problems.

    She did think it was a bit pricey. Comfy Bumpy is free of BPA, phthalate, latex and lead and machine washable, and is hypoallergenic. This wedge is 26 inches wide and lightweight at 8.

    cot bed foam wedge Cot bed foam wedge

    It is the lightest wedge of the five reviewed herein. It has a slip resistant base.

    cot bed foam wedge Cot bed foam wedge

    The angle is 13 degrees and like Hiccapop the wedge measures wider than most at It is the heaviest wedge of these five, weighing 1. All the crib wedges have a degree slope except Moonlight Slumber, which is 13 degrees. All claim to be hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals. The heaviest wedge with the greatest degree of incline is Moonlight Slumber, and they have done internal testing to be absolutely sure their foam is safe and pure.

    There was no money back guarantee shown for Moonlight Slumber.

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  • Also a heavier weight and a non-slip bottom seems very important. That makes Moonlight Slumber a winner with Hiccapop outstanding also.



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