cot bed duvet and pillow john lewis Cot bed duvet and pillow john lewis

Thank you Hi Sheila.

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It is what it is — a cheap mattress from Argos. Argos seem to have this annoying habit of putting a mattress on site with an extortionate selling price only to reduce it when the obligatory time period has elapsed. I often wonder if anyone buys these products at the full price only to find a few weeks later they see it for sale at a much reduced price and what their complaint options are? The description on site is disgracefully lacking in any kind of detail.

So what are your options? The Latex Pocket does state that the Latex component is made up of 2. Hope this helps and would be interested in knowing what you decide upon.

Neil Robinson 31st August at 8: Would you be able to suggest an alternative? I spent a grand on the mattress but am willing to pay more to get a better nights sleep Hi Neil. Reading the description I see that there is no depth of I-Gel given. I would expect that for the price you paid it should be in the region of 5cm.

I am sorry we cannot not be more positive, kind regards Mike. Thank you Hi Sheila.

I would consider the usage of toppers Read Here to give you additional elements of comfort which in turn should reduce your aches and pains.

Daniel 10th September at Thanks Danny Hi Danny.

cot bed duvet and pillow john lewis Cot bed duvet and pillow john lewis

My initial thought was that your mattress may have been a memory foam mattress which may have been the culprit for your night sweats. Having had a quick look at Relyon models I came across the Relyon Ultima pillowtop which I assume is the model you have.

The best way to reduce heat build up is as simple as reducing the tog of your duvet. Also, with differing needs from your wife having two separate single duvets can help with air circulation between you both. Hope this helps Danny — feel free to comment further. Aisha 9th October at 3: After 6 months it started sagging over to my partners side — he is alot heavier and taller than me but he his not over weight. The top has sag over so much now just over a year after purchase that its difficult to put over the sheet and mattress protecter.

It is only the top part the pillow top that has pushed out over the main body of the mattress.

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  • I do really wish I had bought the separate mattress topper as you have recommended but now I am stuck with this one. Is there a way of repairing it or can I cut off the top layer and then buy a mattress topper? Any advise much appreciated. Invariably the spring unit within a year will not have received so much wear and tear as to render it useless — and so, what can be done to rectify the upholstery failure?

    You may find that the underside of the mattress is utilising a firm pad which will not be a comfortable surface to sleep on. This fix will be a lot more economical for you than replacng the entire mattress, particular taking the low age into account. Hope this helps Aisha, and let us know if this works for you. Angie 16th January at The Sydney Pillow top gets dreadful reviews and I am wondering if there is any independent info on the Seattle?

    Independent reviews of beds are incredibly hard to come by. Even the well known review magazines have been known to some extent to have sponsorship or affiliates. The only way to truly get an independent review is to privately pay to have a mattress tested by the furniture ombudsmen or equivalent. Due to the expense and difficulty in this scenario we always base our advice on facts, we compare the known components, densities, GSM and spring units side by side.

    This is the only way to critique a mattresses quality. Comfort on the other hand is nearly entirely subjective! What we will say is that pillow-top mattresses are never advisable.

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  • These compress quickly and so once the pillowtop has compressed or dipped your then left lying directly on the pocket sprung unit, meaning the once soft comfort layer disappears. We always advice that you avoid this and go for a separate removable topper. Its more prudent to buy a higher quality pocket sprung mattress without a pillow top and then buy a separate topper which you can replace. We have been looking at the sprung mattress with the latex layer that states it is excellent for backs and used by sportsmen and women?

    Thank you Hi Jane, I recently responded to someone asking about Mammoth mattresses and have copied my reply below.

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  • I would never market any mattress solely as excellent for one thing as everyone is different. The specification does not offer any densities of the foams or gauges of the springs so again comparisons are hard. Mammoth use high density, firm, foams. The Mammoth construction uses a v- cut castellation, which is to cut and checkerboard the slab of foam to create different tensions in the mattress.

    This allows the more closely scored sections to be more flexible and soft and the more distant scores to be firmer. It is an interesting technique but as for health benefits you would need to ask to see the clinical research behind this..

    Lee — John Ryan Contemporary. Betty 9th October at 5: Both these issues will result in a reduced lifespan for your mattress. From my research I note that the Hendon is a cushion top, which is another name for a pillow top and is presumably why it has failed after the three and half year use. I am sorry we cannot not be more positive, kind regards Mike. I am in agony every morning since we had it.

    My lower back and hips are so painful I am having to get out of bed at three and walk around. Hi Val, You have not provided details of your body weight or the specific reason why you chose an extra firm mattress in the first instance.

    There is no evidence to support the theory that if you have back issues you should purchase a firm mattress, in fact, the recommendation from official sources tends towards the opposite. You are correct in thinking that you may be able to soften the mattress with the use of a topper and to that end I would suggest that you look at http: If you want further advice on the topper range, please call Gary on our office number.



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