cot bed mattress protector waterproof Cot bed mattress protector waterproof

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  • Was this helpful to you? As always the service was friendly and efficient. My son does not have a shock when lying on it, it absorbs urine really well while being easily washable and it folds down much smaller than the travel change mat while still being twice as large! I've already recommended this product to plenty of friends and will purchase another when my eldest stops wearing nappies during the night to put on his bed.

    Thanks so much The Nappy Lady! And it does not let anything through. I am very very pleased with it. So we bow have 4 in rotation. It's great that escaped wees don't run everywhere and we just put them in the washing with clothes or nappies, whatever is next on. Great for out and about too!

    Very happy Was this helpful to you? Had a very comfortable night- it's so soft and breathable it's hard to believe it's completely waterproof. Haven't tried washing it yet but if that's all perfect too then I'm very impressed.

    The sheet is thicker than a normal bedsheet and as it contains a middle layer of plastic, it doesn't have the same stretchiness as a normal sheet. This makes the bed a little firmer than without it but isn't a big issue. The main plus is that it is double sided so you can fold it up on itself for small accidents in the night and continue to use it till morning - less hassle and means you only need one if you can wash and dry it in the same day.

    It's high quality though. It doesn't bunch up and stays put under a fitted sheet. A double sized one fits a double mattress perfectly. Overall a nicer product than a cheaper versions available and worth the investment.

    Great service as ever from the Nappy Lady - thanks Was this helpful to you? The bed protector material is soft and seems comfy to sleep on. However I have had problems with the bed protector moving about under the sheet and getting folds in it. I have to pull the protector straight every morning as it's so crinkled and uncomfy to sleep on, even with the tightest fitted sheet on top to hold it in place.

    My mattress is an odd size so wouldn't take one of the fitted bed protectors, but I would have preferred to get one of those instead.

    cot bed mattress protector waterproof Cot bed mattress protector waterproof

    Product not quite what I was expecting as more like a sheet than pad but hopefully it'll work nicely which is the main thing Was this helpful to you? I currently use this folded in half for my newborn so lots of life in it. Soft and warm to touch so nicer to lay her on than a plastic mat. Easy to carry around in changing bag, folds nice and small. Will buy another one should have bought it long time ago.

    Perfect for night time accidents. Stays in place on top of the sheet.

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    Fold it half if accident happens, minimal night time disturbance worth to buy two if child is like my son "pees for Scotland " Was this helpful to you? Just what I wanted! This feels just like a dense cotton sheet and doesn't sweat up, but keeps any wee away from the mattress. This gives her a nice big area and means any accidents are kept on the sheet with no mess getting through.

    It's easily washed and drys quickly and doesn't feel plasticy at all. We bought the single bed sized sheet as we can then use it on her bed in the future. Thank you Was this helpful to you? I don't use them for nappy changing I just put a terry nappy down on the change mat to catch little accidents. I much prefer them to plastic, only check that your mattress doesn't have a fancy airflow system as the fabric doesn't seem that breathable just more breathable than plastic.

    I find newborn babies don't have big enough accidents at night to reach beyond soaking their clothes so one in this size might not be necessary. I had one at the end of my 1st pregnancy and just treated myself to a new one previous one now on my daughters bed. Perfect for protecting your bed in case your waters go! A must have in my opinion. And you dont feel like your sleeping on a bin bag! So useful we have 3! They do the job brilliantly on both counts and are very soft and comfortable for them to lie on.

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  • Our baby wees on them sometimes at nappy changes as babies do! I highly recommend these mats! Best mattress protector ever! I've got one on my bed to protect the mattress while I breast feed. It's lovely and comfy, and it's not sweaty at all. I've put the small ones in the Moses basket and pram, and my daughter sleeps really well on them. They've dealt with a number of incidents very successfully, they've been a great buy.

    I just wish they did them as a fitted sheet too. I decided to invest in the double bed protector and it is brilliant! Its perfect on my small double 4' bed and protects the whole thing. I don't overheat, feels just like a normal sheet and protected my brand new mattress from me spilling a whole cup of raspberry leaf tea which, incidentally, didn't stain the protector bright red either but I did wash it immediately! Nappy Lady service brilliant as usual Was this helpful to you?

    Whether it is the livingroom, her bed, our bed or even visiting family it is so lightweight and can fold into almost nothing, will be using it later on as a matress protector when she is potty training but for now its a fab thing to have in the nappy bag and it takes up almost no room in your bag. I also have a large mat on my bed to protect my mattress while breastfeeding in bed. I like that they are not cold and crackly. I've also just ordered a mattress protector for my son's cot.

    Easy to wash and dry, thin, soft and not at all crinkly or rustley. Cannot fault the product and the always excellent service.

    My order arrived within 36 hours in the week before Christmas!

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  • Plus it's great that they can be washed and tumble dried along with the regular washing. My only complaint is that it rumples very easily so you find yourself having to keep smoothing it out. After reading the Nappy Lady reviews, I bought 3 of these mats.

    cot bed mattress protector waterproof Cot bed mattress protector waterproof

    They arrived the next day and seemed too flimsy to be good. They are, however, absolutely excellent - soft and completely non-porous, so nothing gets through. They are very easy to wash and dry. I cannot recommend either the service or the mat highly enough. However, thinner material and less durable-feeling than previously-available leigelind mats. These are the nearest I can find. I've been using our Hippychick mats for several years and they are still going strong so please be reassured they are very durable.

    My little one is due in Oct. I have the larger size on my bed for when my waters break, later I will use it on the toddler bed. The other ones on the changing table mattress and in the crib. They are nice and soft and wash up beautifully. Great product and great service Was this helpful to you?

    They feel lovely and soft and they do exactly what they are supposed to. Sorry you're having this problem. I've used these on my daughters beds under their fitted sheet and not had this problem.

    Is it safe to use with our new baby? The dimensions are L, W70cm.

    The youngest is now 5. I think I have the next size up though. Good but buy two! They're only thin but seem totally waterproof, wee doesn't soak through them at all. At home we normally use them with a basic Mothercare padded mat, if you're changing on a hard surface the Hippychicks have no padding. For out and about they're fine on their own. I would definitely advise buying a pair, our baby sometimes likes to trick us with a little 'extra' just as we've cleaned him up and the mat can get dirty quite quickly!

    Fine to chuck them in the wash with the nappies the mat, not the baby!! Much better than the one which came with my bag. Unlike the previous waterproof sheet I bought from the nappy lady this one has overlocked edges. Since I planned to cut it in half I'm a bit more nervous about doing so. It fits our king size bed perfectly, but maybe too big and heavy for our washing machine!



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