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Child Safety and bunk beds Most children love to sleep in bunk beds. However, bunk beds present many dangers to children which can result in serious injuries and even death.

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Falls from the top bunk, from the ladder or from windows near the bunk bed. Suffocation if the child slips between the guard rail and the mattress. Strangulation or accidental hanging when the head or neck is caught up in clothing, gaps or other objects on or near the bed, eg on a cord or rope tied to the bed or located near the bed Heads or limbs getting caught or trapped between parts of the bed or in gaps and crevices.

Whenever I see this photo I want to begin redoing a bedroom immediately emulating this look. With a strict night time routine that works really well , we wanted to try and still make bedtime enjoyable and have a bed that he'd want to sleep in, so being a passionate Disney Pixar 'Cars' fan it seemed a 'no brainer' to try a Cars 2 Lightning McQueen toddler bed from Worlds Apart.

Take action now - it is most important that you: Consider very carefully whether allowing a child younger than six to sleep on the bottom bunk is safe for them. Remember, babies should always have their own cots. Allow only one person on the top bunk.

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  • Do not allow children to play on bunk beds. Do not lot allow children to play under bunk beds unless the area under the bed is designed by the manufacturer as a play area or study centre.

    Jacob, age 2, our second child has a completely different personality to his older sister Amber, age 9, so it was unfamiliar ground 'again' on how he'd react to an open bed. Spread the cost of any new purchase into 3. Just why is being natural so important to us?

    Speak to your children about the risks and identify clear safety rules where bunk beds are concerned. Make sure your child is taught how to use bunk beds safely. Make sure the bunk bed you buy adheres to the current safety standard.

    cot bed mattress ie Cot bed mattress ie

    Assemble the bunk bed properly following manufacturers instructions. Make sure the bed has all guard rails installed at all times, even if the bed is pushed up against a wall.

    cot bed mattress ie Cot bed mattress ie

    Make sure the mattress is the correct size for the bed. Check regularly to make sure the bed frame is sturdy and free from signs of wear and tear. Check for any gaps that may trap fingers, limbs and heads.

    Follow all safety instructions and warnings that come with the bunk beds and discuss them with your child. Make sure there is nothing sticking out from the bed which could catch in your child's clothing. Never tie ropes or cords, such as belts for bathrobes or skipping ropes, to any part of the bed.

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  • These can pose serious strangulation hazards. Put carpet under bunk bed - research shows that carpet around bunk beds can decrease the risk of head injury from a fall. Keep the area under the bunk bed clear of furniture, toys and other sharp objects. Remember the key message where child safety is concerned - Watch your child at all times, as children do not understand danger Go to:



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