lidl cot bed duvet Lidl cot bed duvet

Back to School with Lidl I truly cannot believe that my little girl has been at school almost a whole year. Her reception year is almost over and soon we will have six weeks of summer holidays to enjoy together. It all seems to have whizzed by in the blink of an eye. Then I wrote a letter to her on her first day of school and we took some photos outside the front of our house of her in her school uniform. I have photos of my first day at primary school in our garage somewhere and it makes me feel so nostalgic to look back on them.

lidl cot bed duvet Lidl cot bed duvet

Mads has made me so incredibly proud about the way she has handled her first school year. We had a fair few troubles getting her into the right school , but in the end she got into a lovely little village school just a few miles from our home. She was the only child who cried on her introduction days and as a result I was incredibly nervous on that first school day in September, probably even more so than her.

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  • But she surprised me by walking confidently into the classroom and running out that first morning telling me about all the fun she had been having. Since that day she has never complained about going into school once- she runs in with her friends, comes home full of excitement with her book bag full of random bits of artwork and notes she has written during their free learning time, and she loves to sit with me and read and do her homework.

    She has grown up so much the last year and I am so very proud of her. Just a couple of days ago she got a fantastic first school report, she is just thriving, growing and learning which is such a lovely thing to witness. We have pretty much settled into life as parents of a school age child. I must admit I hate the school run, especially in the mornings, and there has definitely been a fair few occasions when we have had to run across the grass as we are late, but for the most part we have settled into a routine.

    One thing that I also struggled to get used to at first is just how messy she got at school. She pretty much comes home every single day with her beautiful long hair looking like she stuck her hand in a plug socket, her shoes scuffed and muddy, or with food, pen or paint down her school uniform that was freshly on that morning.

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  • My little girl is most definitely a tom boy and her playtimes involve climbing on their climbing wall, doing roly polys across the entire length of the grass playing field, or playing tag constantly with her friends.

    We have had to get three pairs of school shoes this year because she has completely worn through the sole of her black school shoes- I am thinking we are going to have to take out a second mortgage just for school shoes soon!

    Therefore when Lidl asked if we wanted to try out some of their school uniform items, I thought why not give it a go? Funnily enough a Lidl has just opened up in our town and I often walk by there and get flowers, tip for you- if you like fresh flowers in the house then they have an amazing range and are WAY cheaper than Tesco or Waitrose where I usually get them!

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  • When we first got them out the packets, Mads first of all was incredibly excited about the school trousers and asked if she could wear them to bed ummm no! I was impressed with the quality of them all.

    He says he gets to the Highlands as often as he can to clear his head. A place to be highly recommended!

    The polo shirts felt of a nicer quality than the much more expensive ones I get with her school logo on them which actually go bobbly really quickly and the trousers felt quite thick and hard wearing.

    Mads also loved the winter coat which is good considering it is July and I had to take photos of her in it! Home is for their best clothes, school is for practical things.

    lidl cot bed duvet Lidl cot bed duvet

    We had a little play outside, with Mads fully putting it to the test jumping, running and doing star jumps, taking her role as a tester very seriously. She has since been wearing it for the last remaining couple of weeks of term, bar the coat obviously, and I have to say we are really impressed with it.

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    Over all we are really impressed with the school uniform. I would say that it genuinely is as good quality as the rest of her uniform we have from other brands. And for a much better price too. They get a big thumbs up from us. I absolutely love this photo of my little girl. She is growing up far too fast and she had a great time helping me test out the uniform and took her job very seriously. Thanks Lidl for helping me actually getting a natural happy smile out of her in a photo for once!

    We are working with Lidl to help promote their Back to School campaign. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.



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