cute baby cots Cute baby cots

But, according to The Lullaby Trust , a clear cot is a safe cot, so check the following before any toy or mobile is put near or in your baby's sleep place: Ahead of hanging any mobile on or near your baby's cot, grab a measuring tape and check that the strings are no longer than seven inches, as they could get caught up in them Check for any flimsy or loose parts that could break off a mobile or toy and fall into your baby's cot Make sure your baby can see a mobile hanging above their cot.

Although it's important it remains out of reach, newborn babies can only see objects clearly that are between 8 and 12 inches away Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation carefully By the time your baby can push up on their hands and knees, it's time for the mobile to go Here are 10 of the best cot toys and mobiles we think your baby will love But this clever little deivce doesn't stop there.

cute baby cots Cute baby cots

If your baby does wake and cry, Whisbear's cry sensor means it will turn itself back on for another twenty minutes to soothe them back to sleep.

Featuring contrasting colours, fabrics and textures, Whisbear also has magnets in his paws to attach easily to the cot, pram, or pushchair.

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  • See what our professional reviewer thought of the Whisbear. And with 20 minutes of classical music or nature sounds - there's plenty to keep babies occupied.

    Read More Mums reveal the worst parenting advice they've ever been given - from jam on nipples to preventing 'outies' Andrea has a gentle and supportive approach Image: A cot that truly grows with baby to become a toddler bed and then a sofa Contemporary design with solid construction Straight-froward flat pack home assembly Available in white and dark wood finish to complement any style of nursery Silver Cross Nostalgia cot bed A traditionally styled wooden cot bed from a heritage brand Easily converts from cot to toddler bed for older children Three base positions allow the cot to grow with baby The base has a useful full-length pull out drawer with pewter-effect handles Baby-safe teething rails Age: Blankets Baby blanket options include receiving blankets, swaddle blankets and even wearable blankets.

    And the drift-off feature that slowly softens the music and lights every ten minutes to help your little one fall sleep is a great addition, although the soother does come with a remote control so you can make adjustments from afar without waking your baby. It fits to most cots, and can be used on a bedside table too.

    Complete with music, those lovely lullabies are sure to help send your little one off into the land of slumber. Especially good for those babies who do not need too much stimulation at bedtime, and for those parents who prefer a more subtle approach to dressing their baby's bedroom.

    It can be hung from the ceiling and has a height of 75cm, or fixed the the nursery wall as a decorative piece later on. Following this rule you could easily bring up a child who would be too susceptible even to a rustle. These encapsulate your baby in safe way, just like a super-snug sleeping bag.

    Featuring rattles, crinkles and squeaks, and a rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, it's enough to keep your little one happy for a while. A toy that can be used from birth, it's colourful, fun and engaging.

    cute baby cots Cute baby cots

    An extra large display measuring more than 75cm wide, the subtle but eye-catching mobile features owls, a fox, a sleepy cat and intricate tree. The best part is that it's luminous, giving a magical effect at night time, and as your child grows, they'll get to love these adorable characters, making out the intricacies of each one.

    With a linking ring so it can attach to the cot, your little one will have easy access to the toy, and it's suitable from birth.

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  • Attaching to the side of your baby's cot, and suitable from birth, this makes for a wonderful first toy. Designed to encourage baby's early developmental skills, we have to admit it looks pretty cute too!

    Three relaxing melodies and one heartbeat sound can be used with or without the nightlight, so it's great for soothing at daytime or night. It can be hung from the ceiling and has a height of 75cm, or fixed the the nursery wall as a decorative piece later on.

    Also available in pirate and fairy designs, it's bright and would make a lovely gift.

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