cool baby cots Cool baby cots

How can I co-sleep safely? The safest place for your baby to sleep in his first six months is in a cot or a Moses basket in the same room as you NHS b, The Lullaby Trust If you're busy preparing the room your baby is going to sleep in, or are buying a cot for him, here are some safety tips to keep in mind. Check that yours has a label with this code on it.

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  • Make sure that the mattress is firm, flat and fits snugly NHS a. How can I keep my baby safe in his cot? Put your baby to sleep on his back , with his feet at the foot of the crib, cot or pram feet to foot. Don't use a pillow in the cot. Your baby needs a surface that is firm and flat. If your baby wriggles under his pillow, he could suffocate NHS a. Cot bumpers are not recommended, as they can cause your baby to overheat or get tangled in the fastenings.

    If your baby is over six months and sleeping in a separate room from you, you could use a baby monitor to keep a check on him. Whenever your baby is in his cot, awake or asleep, keep the drop side of the cot fully up and locked.

    If you give your baby a bottle at night, lift him out of his cot and put him on your lap to feed him. Babies can choke very easily, even on milk. Never leave your baby alone with a bottle of milk in his cot NHS a. How can I make it safe? Remove any mobiles or hanging toys that are within his reach if he sits or stands up.

    Use only blinds that have been approved as child-safe in your baby's room. Don't leave any kind of rope or cord lying around, including dressing gown cords.

    cool baby cots Cool baby cots

    Never use a tie or ribbon to attach your baby's dummy to his clothes or leave your baby wearing clothes or bibs with tie fastenings NHS a, b. What's the safest temperature for my baby's room? If your baby overheats, he may be more vulnerable to SIDS. Follow these tips to keep your baby comfortable without overheating: Use a sheet and cellular blankets one blanket folded in half is two layers , or a lightweight baby sleeping bag that's the correct size for your baby and appropriate thickness for the season NHS a.

    Don't put a hot water bottle or electric blanket in with your baby, however cold the weather is NHS b. Keep your baby's cot away from direct sunlight, radiators and heaters NHS b. If you think your baby is getting too hot, check his tummy. If it feels hot, or he's sweaty, remove a layer and check him again after a few minutes NHS b, The Lullaby Trust It's normal for your baby's hands and feet to feel cool, though.

    In really hot weather, you could give your baby a cool bath before putting him to bed in just a nappy with one sheet to cover him while sleeping NHS d. How can I make my baby's room safe? You've probably done everything you can think of to make the room your baby sleeps in a safe haven, but there may still be a few things to watch out for: Keep medicines and toiletries, such as baby lotion and wipes, out of his reach.

    Make sure all bottle tops and lids are firmly closed when not in use NHS a.

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    Secure wardrobes and bookshelves to walls to prevent them from falling down on your baby, if he climbs on them or pulls on them. For the same reason, always remember to close drawers. Move low furniture away from windows and use security locks to keep your windows safe from opening wide. Restricting the opening to less than 6.

    Make sure you and any other adult looking after your baby know where the keys are, in case of fire NHS a. How can I keep my baby safe for daytime sleeps? Your baby should be put down to sleep, on his back on a safe flat surface near to you, such as a carry cot, Moses basket or travel cot.

    Make sure that his feet are placed at the foot of the crib or cot. Never leave your baby asleep unattended in the car, especially in warm weather NHS b. Never use your car seat as a place for your baby to nap. In the first six months, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot, in the same room as you.

    But many parents do bring their baby into their bed at night, at least occasionally ISIS nda. You may also decide to take a nap with your baby during the day. There are ways in which you can make sure that your bed is safer for co-sleeping: This will ensure that there are no gaps that your baby could wriggle into.

    Never leave your baby alone in your bed. Experts advise using light sheets and blankets rather than a duvet.

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  • Place your lower arm above your baby's head and draw your knees up under his feet. Never fall asleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair. Gaps between cushions or between you and the sofa could trap and smother your baby. It's safer to take the time to position yourself in bed for safe co-sleeping, than put your baby at risk by dozing off together on a sofa or armchair. There are other factors that can increase the risk of SIDS.

    You or your partner have been drinking alcohol. You or your partner have taken medication or drugs that make you drowsy. You or your partner smokes or uses e-cigarettes , even if you never smoke in bed or at home. Your baby was premature born earlier than 37 weeks or had a low birth weight less than 2. Bed-sharing and unexpected infant deaths: Paediatr Respir Rev 16 1: Baby and toddler safety.

    Describing the deaths as a "dreadful accident", he added: Transferring to and from the morgue is now widely regarded as an outdated practice as it is traumatic for parents to repeatedly go through the separation process whereas the CuddleCot allows the family to spend every moment with their baby, precious moments where every minute counts. When tested, our review said:

    Child car seats and car safety. What you'll need for your baby. Reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.

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  • Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. How can I keep my baby safe during hot weather? National Scientific Advisory Group. Safer sleep for babies: Revised July www.



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