best cot mattress camping Best cot mattress camping

Email Shares Some articles on Desk to Dirtbag contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you for reading! One of the most important aspects of truck bed camping is being comfortable while sleeping.

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I highly recommend not neglecting this aspect, but to get a quality truck bed mattress or truck bed topper. One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I got started with truck camping was neglecting my sleeping setup. I survived those early days but quickly realized that my sleep setup was not ideal… The pillow turned out to be fine, so long as the weather was above freezing.

But the skinny little pad was not ideal for truck camping.

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  • But for week after week of truck camping I figured there had to be a better way. The chief benefit of the NeoAir Dream is the slightly wider size 5 more inches may not sound like much, but it makes a huge difference , the fabric topper when sleeping in the heat I find the plastic-y material to be very uncomfortable , and the relatively small size you could let the air out and roll it up into the size of a sleeping bag. As a solo truck camper, I found the NeoAir Dream to be the perfect air mattress!

    Although the first one I bought did spring a slow leak within the first month of using, but thankfully I bought it at REI and they replaced it, no questions asked — which is I always recommend having an REI membership. Be sure to pay attention to the R-Rating of an air mattress, and be aware that the cheaper you buy, the more likely you are to find it spring a leak.

    They were the perfect size for my truck bed and they wedged together nice and snug with no gaps. During the cold weather camping they served just fine for the both of us. Though it did become somewhat tiring blowing up and rolling up the airmats every day.

    Aluminum still has incredible tensile strength, and is a great choice. Each section touches on one of the main things to consider with your next cot. Designed just for one person, the Aerobed Pakmat and Pump needs no external power and is just powered by a bit of elbow grease with the manual, included pump.

    I also worried that the ultralight backpacker material would spring a leak with such frequent use, or get a splinter or something from the wood. It never happened, but I worried about it. Ultimately, for the hassle of blowing them up and storing them, the concerns about durability, and the aforementioned plastic-y problem, I began looking for other options. Wanna know the "secret" to traveling forever or being free to do what you love? I would have loved the Therm-a-Rest Dream at those dimensions, but sadly that does not exist.

    Nothing in terms of comfort, just more material and time to blow up.

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  • The pad is pretty comfortable though a little thin because it is meant to be used as a topper while sleeping on a cot and not meant to be used as a standalone sleeping pad.

    But the biggest downside, of course, is the massive size even when rolled up.

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  • It takes up a lot of room in the back of the truck. It can take a lot of abuse. Perhaps something with the heavy duty blue foam pad on the bottom, a thin inflatable air mattress, and a super soft foam topper.

    best cot mattress camping Best cot mattress camping

    What do you use while truck camping? Sound off in the comments below… P. More truck camping stuff?



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